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Meet '5colorfulbackpacks'

Expat family of 5, scientists, adventurists, optimists

We are 5colorfulbackpacks – an adventure loving family of 5 exploring the unbeaten path. 7.5 years ago, our family travel journey began when we took our newborn daughter on a months long backpacking trip through Chile and Argentina. Since then, our family has lived in Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany and the West and East Coast of the U.S. Our lives as expats across the world allows us to nurture our curiosity and draw to adventure. When we get out, we get active - You will find us exploring trails, hiking, biking, kayaking, swimming and camping while combining it with exploring new cultures, food, languages and making new friends when adventuring into the world TOGETHER. We share about (1) epic adventure destinations (2) real life stories of travelling with young children and (3) life as an expat family. Our goal is to inspire you to venture out into the world as a family and make memories together.